MAP Velocity Series

Learn the fundamentals of startups to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

MAP’s Velocity Series is a launchpad for your business idea.

Take actionable steps to translate your idea into a business. Provide a solid foundation for your business to grow.

Startup Velocity

Startup Velocity is a intensive program designed to connect, educate and inspire those who want to know what it takes to launch a startup.

This program is for the curious and wildly ambitious. It will provide you with the frameworks and practical skills to get the ball rolling. We welcome absolutely everyone to apply: students, staff, intrapreneurs (existing or aspiring) from anywhere in the world.

The program is structured around a series of interactive workshops presented by some of the brightest minds in the startup ecosystem. Get the benefit of experience from our mentors and presenters – you won’t find this information in a book!

Two of the MAP Startup Accelerator teams have had their roots in the Velocity Series: Quanticare Technologies and Financial Ask.

Startup Velocity 2016

Thursday 29 September 2016 (5:15pm-8:30pm)
Lab-14 Swanston Street, Carlton
$25 registration fee
Applications close on 25 September


  • Drive
  • Curiosity

Dinner and drinks will be provided, along with a comprehensive resource pack for each participant.


Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is for the big thinkers, rule breakers and rebels.

Many startups face challenges in customer discovery and validation, making it difficult to build significant traction. Escape Velocity is an invitation-only pre-accelerator program designed to help you overcome these hurdles.

Escape Velocity 2016

Septemeber 2016 – February 2017 (various dates)
Lab-14 Swanston Street, Carlton
By invitation only. A registration fee applies.


  • Participation is strictly by invitation-only.
  • You must have a current startup or startup project you are actively working on.
  • You should be prepared to spend at least 10 hours per week on your project.

The 6-month program includes a series of 3-hour workshops held monthly from September 2016 to February 2017. The workshops are taught by MAP’s entrepreneur-in-residence, Jeremy Kraybill, and feature guest speakers including MAP mentors, alumni and MAP16 accelerator founders.


Social Velocity

What is Social Velocity?

Social Velocity is a competitive entry 6-month program that gets teams and individuals, who are building social impact ventures, ready to apply for MAP or other accelerators.

In Social Velocity we will merge the worlds of ‘startup’ and ‘social enterprise’ – using the best of both to jump-start your venture.


Social Velocity 2016

Application deadline: Monday 22 August at 11:59pm


  • Anyone ready to create positive social or environmental change.

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