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MAP supports startups that are solving problems across a range of industries.

To date, we have funded 44 startups since 2012.

Startups: 201720162015, 2014, 2013, 2012

MimicTec is developing a physical infrastructure product to make poultry farming more productive and more ethical.

Reqfire allows business users to model software requirements for web and mobile apps to create a complete design that tech teams can understand and implement.

Smartwatch technology for sports referees, digital administration for leagues and associations and live scores for parents and fans. RefLIVE is a software platform that allows soccer referees, leagues and associations to digitize their match day administration.

Creates an AI chat bot, without a line of code. Rebotify’s software allows you to build an AI Chatbot (Virtual agent) from scratch, configuring automation by way of a simple drag-n-drop user interface.

Helping you save money and automatically invest spare change from your everyday purchases into portfolios that matter. The FirstStep app helps you develop good financial behaviours by automatically rounding up spare change from everyday electronic transactions and directs those savings into investments.

Transforming paediatric needles through virtual reality. Smileyscope is virtual reality that helps keep kids calm and still at critical points in the needle procedure, improving needle success.

Carbar is a Virtual Car Dealership that provides a new way of buying or selling your next car.


CABARO is a designer brand offering Swiss timepieces for a fraction of the retail price while making a positive impact on the world. The main thing that distinguishes CABARO from other watch brands is the design, quality, and price ratio.


Umps Health supports older people to live independently in their home by providing insights on wellbeing to family and carers.
George Robotics builds embedded software and hardware to make the development of sophisticated electronics devices more accessible and more productive. The availability of electronic components has exploded in recent years, creating a great opportunity to build amazing electronics devices.

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