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MAP supports startups that are solving problems across a range of industries

To date, we have funded 44 startups since 2012.

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Allume Energy is a renewable energy technology company focused on grid sharing and solar as a service for Australian communities. At Allume, we are developing financial, legal and technological innovations to allow low-income households and renters access to affordable and clean renewable energy.

Axon is a software platform helping clinicians deliver the best evidence-based, standardised medical care. Using workflows and checklists, we provide best practice guidelines tailored to each patient’s individual needs to enhance clinical care delivery and reduce medical errors.

BajaBoard is an extreme electric ‘skateboard’ for the action sports fanatic. Designed for rugged off-road terrains, it features patent pending automotive chassis and suspension technology along with a powerful all wheel drive system and programmable traction control.

Black AI is a collective of hackers building a smarter world. Black’s premier product, Ani, brings the power of first-class business intelligence to the everyday environment. Through the detection and tracking of people and their interactions, Ani enables you to collect insights into how a living space is used.

CNSDose is a precision medicine company targeting mental health. The CNSDose depression report – powered by DNA-guides which antidepressant and dose is most appropriate for the individual. CNSDose is based on best-in-class clinical trial evidence.

Deliciou offers healthy snacks and premium seasonings that are fun and easy to use Deliciou’s flagship product is our vegetarian bacon seasoning that is low in calories, fat and sodium and makes anything taste like bacon!

Honee is the discovery, booking and engagement platform for all wellness, beauty and fitness services in Melbourne. We offer comprehensive, accurate and up to date coverage of all businesses in Melbourne and help to connect brands with users who are trying to find them.

Simple aims to transform the pharmacy experience through better design and user experience. Our personalised medication service increases adherence and safety around taking regular medications for people with chronic illnesses.

Onolytics provides unique marketing insights from customer data. Through an algorithm that identifies a person’s cultural origin based on their first name and surname, Onolytics can enrich databases with ethno-cultural information to allow targeted marketing efforts.

With Shacky, you can book a relaxing holiday in a ‘tiny house’ in the Australian countryside. Combining beautiful regional locations with a unique tiny house experience, explore the countryside while supporting local farmers as we help them to diversify their income.

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