Velocity Program 2017 Portfolio

Open to both “for profit” and “for purpose” (impact) startups, the Velocity Program has supported a range of founders across sectors such as green tech, saas, fintech,medtech, edtech, marketplace, hardware and e-commerce.

Analytix Education – Software to change the way students learn and revise.

Clean Travel – An online marketplace where travellers can discover and book unique ethical adventures with local, vetted tour operators in Asia.

Dr Roo – Engages neonatal care institutions to make a commitment to supporting parents and their premature or low-birth-weight infants in Kangaroo Care (Skin-to-skin intervention) at every opportunity.

Energy of Things – A new energy harvesting technology that wirelessly powers electronics

Hello Sabina – Helping healthcare providers to manage cancellations and fill gaps in their schedule.

Horizon – Helping low SES students broaden their horizons through advice and understanding.

Laundry Lan – The online marketplace for laundry services in Australia.

NextGHub – Providing artificially intelligent technology to screen and monitor clinical depression.

NAVi – A medical device to improve umbilical venous catheter.

Clean Ocean X – The ultimate automated solution to efficiently geo-reference and extract litter from the environment.


SONAK – High-tech ultrasonic cleaners for coffee equipment.

PERIOD. – Empower women through better access to female hygiene products. Stop the stigma through education.

We Teach Well – A global platform where teachers of English and literature can find support, resources, PD and community.

Actiwave – A small home appliance that activates mushrooms to produce Vitamin D.

Battlerz – Verified financial hardship assessments.

CricDoc Incorporates cutting-edge technology in sports for injury prevention and performance improvement.

EmmA – Digitising the indoor fitness environment, enabling a data-driven approach to fitness management.

HealthChase – Measurably improves employee engagement, positive culture shifts, and team wellbeing through fully scalable and customisable game-based programs.

Homplify – A property management platform with convenient tools for an individual to manage their property with ease.

Hungry Souls – Last minute healthy meals made accessible.

My Green World – A wildlife and environmental education and conservation organisation developing innovative, youth-focused solutions to global ecology problems.

Nudie Glow – An online destination for the best Korean beauty and skincare products and we offer Australia’s first Korean sheet mask subscription box.

Phyto Health – Providing digital services to take the fear out of health.

Superb Speech Series – Engaging clinical speech and language tasks disguised in gameplay for children between the ages of 3-9.

Wheel & Cart – Bicycle trailers and food carts to mobilise current business’ and create low-cost startup options for small and micro business’.

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