The following startups were selected for our inaugural program and participated in the Velocity Program in 2016.


Climates – seeks an empowered Australia-Pacific region, working together to address our climate challenges.

CrowdSpot – is a map-based community engagement platform that helps decision makers and citizens co-create better places for us to live in.

I am safe online – is a cloud service that detects and blocks abusive online content using a state-of-the-art algorithm.

UMPS – helps us maintain independence as we age. Home appliances monitor wellbeing in the home and provide alerts to loved ones when activity is out of the norm.


The Artisan Project – empowers Ecuadorian artisans to become entrepreneurs in their own communities and create premium handmade goods.

Hughaus – is a re-thinking the problems of social isolation as we age by re-imagining the granny flat for the students, carers or elderly that might live in them.

ReadyMe – provides students with the tools to reach their fullest potential using modern educational technology.

Square Away – is an on-demand marketplace for waste collection that helps divert waste away from landfill.

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