Female Founders

Empowering female entrepreneurs to build bigger, better businesses.


Introducing The Franklins, MAP’s Female Founder Leadership Series.


Mentoring, introductions and practical entrepreneurial education for high-potential, high-impact female founders.

MAP’s Female Founders’ Leadership Series (The Franklins) offers mentoring, introductions and practical entrepreneurial education for up to 60 high-potential female entrepreneurs each year.

The series is designed to motivate, inspire and connect Australia’s ambitious female founders, helping them to address the challenges of scaling and sustainability.

A program to push the boundaries

The Franklins provides extraordinary individuals with specialised knowledge and practical wisdom from a carefully curated group of female leaders, helping our members to unlock their full potential. Practical entrepreneurial training focused on growing your business for success. Content is tailored to address the particular challenges founders face.

An open door to new opportunities and partners

The Franklins provides privileged access to MAP’s extended community of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate partners, startup investors and advisors, as well as the MAP and University of Melbourne alumni communities at large.  Gain access to mentoring opportunities and introductions to our expansive global network.

A community for the next wave of female leaders

Join our close-knit group that bridges diverse sectors and industries to share your successes, learn from one another’s mistakes and support your fellow female founders as you pursue excellence and scale in your businesses. If you need a friendly face and timely advice when the going gets tough, these are your people.

We’re here to amplify you and your business. Join our crew!

Participation in The Franklins is by invitation only. If you would like to be considered, please contact Lisian Teh, Development Manager.


Meet The Franklins! We’re pleased to support and share in the endeavours of these incredible Female Founders.We’ll be adding some special interviews, insights and ‘behind-the-scenes’ with these phenomenal women later on, but in the meantime, learn more about how they got started, their experiences as female founders and what they’re up to right now…As you’ll see, they’re a stellar bunch of women making a HUGE impact in their respective fields.

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